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July, 2nd,  IGC, Ionians, 2.30 PM

Some biographic notes about our invited speakers :

Élio Sucena (IGC)


Élio Sucena, IGC,  got his PhD in 2001 from the University of Cambridge (UK) on Genetics, Evolution and Development under the supervision of David L. Stern. He then had post-doctoral experience at the Universities of Princeton (US) and Western Ontario (Canada). Here, he pursued studies on the Evolution of Development using the comparative method on distinct arthropod models, namely Drosophilaspecies, polyembryonic wasps and spider mites. In 2004, he established an independent research team at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (Portugal) where he has been ever since.
Arlindo Oliveira (IST)


Arlindo Oliveira, IST, is a professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). He is presently the President of IST and member of its executive board. Obtained a PhD from UC Berkeley in 1994, under a Fulbright fellowship, after a BSc and a MSc from IST, in 1986 and 1989, respectively. His major areas of interest are Algorithms and Complexity, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics and Digital Circuit Design. Arlindo Oliveira also worked at CERN, Cadence Laboratories and INESC-ID. And he’s a member of the Portuguese Academy of Engineering and a senior member of IEEE.

Cláudio Sunkel (IBMC)


Cláudio Sunkel,  IBMC, is a Full Professor of Molecular Biology at the Biomedical Institute of University of Porto, Director of the Institute of Molecular Cellular Biology and head of the Molecular Genetics Group at the same institute. He is a Member of the European Molecular Biology Organization since 2000, was Vice-President of the European Molecular Biology Conference (2007-2010), Vice-President of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory Council (2010-2012), elected Chair of the EMBL Council (2013). Currently is a member of the Welcome Trust-India Alliance fellowship selection committee (2009-2014). During 2007-2008 was the National Coordinator for the Evaluation of Research Units by the Foundation for Science and Technology of Portugal. His laboratory is mostly devoted to the study cell division and of the mechanisms involved in maintaining genomic stability in higher eukaryotes. Started these studies during his posdoctoral work at Imperial College, UK, and later continued in Porto. Has published over 100 original peer review articles. Supervised 24 PhD students and many postdocs. Teaches Molecular Genetics for Biochemistry and Bioengineering BsC Major at ICBAS, University of Porto. First Degree Honors in Biology (1979) and a Ph.D. in Genetics (1983) from Sussex University, UK. Was born in Santiago, Chile, 1958.

Pedro Cruz (iBET)


Pedro Cruz, IBET has a degree in Chemical Engineering, branch of Biotechnology from IST – University of Lisbon, an MBA in International Businesses from the Catholic University – Lisbon, and a PhD in Biochemical Engineering from ITQB – UNL. Pedro was involved in the start-up of iBET’s pilot plant and worked as a researcher at Novartis-Switzerland. Has large scientific experience gained through the participation in several international research projects in the fields of viral vaccines and gene therapy as a Senior Researcher at the Animal Cell Technology Lab of iBET, including various periods abroad (Innogenetics-Belgium, GBF (now HZI)–Germany, Penn State U.–USA). He is also lecturing on bachelor and masters management courses at Universidade Atlântica – Oeiras, in the areas of entrepreneurship, strategy and project valuation. Pedro is founder and the current CSO of ECBio.
Rogério Gaspar (FFUL)


Rogério Gaspar, FFUL, has more than 20 year’s experience in the design and evaluation of nanoparticles and liposomes for drug (e.g. Leishmaniasis and cancer) and gene (cytosolic) delivery. More recently, these interests have broadened to other aspects of the nanomedicine field including the design of vectors for MRI imaging and also understanding the cellular mechanisms that govern the action of nanomedicines. He has a long career in regulatory affairs and regulatory science both in academic, regulatory and industrial positions, at national and international levels. He frequently participates and coordinates international activities dealing with regulatory aspects of nanomedicines (including European Science Foundation, European Commission, European Medicines Agency, European Federation of Pharmaceutical Sciences – EUFEPS, TI Pharma – NL).