Latest News and Events

  • Talks: GDPR & Health Data

    GDPR Hanne Elsen is the Data Privacy Officer of the University of Ghent and she will give us an insight regarding the application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in research specially when involving health data.
  • Take a look at SilicoLife's experience!

    The fifth edition of our Talks was held online on the last Tuesday, February 23rd, to an audience of 45 participants. SilicoLifeBD
  • Last year's annual report is out! has published its Annual Report for 2020!  Here, we highlight the effort of over 60 experts from 12 different institutions towards a new era for bioinformatics and biological data management in Portugal. AnnualReport2020
  • CorkOakDB article is out!

    It is easy to recognize that 2020 was a harsh year in a plethora of ways raising several challenges in the scientific community. Nevertheless, that seemed to become a catalyst for the advancement of cork oak research. This effort was rewarded with the publication of the article “CorkOakDB - The Cork Oak Genome Database Portal” in the DATABASE journal. CorkOakDB


  • 5th Anniversary of ELIXIR Portugal

    5thBioData ELIXIR Portugal is completing 5 years of excellence in supporting research, training and innovation in the national scientific system through management and advanced analysis of biological data. To celebrate this occurring, ELIXIR Portugal has decided to organize a dedicated day at the Bioinformatics Open Days 2021 (Braga, Portugal) to showcase what has been done in the past few years but also to foster an active discussion regarding the increasingly emerging fields of bioinformatics and data management.