Ready For BioData Management? – Introduction to Data Management Plans is an introductory one-day course aiming at disseminating Data Management best practices and teaching the basics of making and using Data Management Plans (DMPs) in the context of research activities. It is organized by and sponsored by the Portuguese node of the Research Data Alliance.

The course starts with introductory theoretical talks about research data management and about data management plans, given by Daniel Faria and João Cardoso respectively, followed by a hands-on group exercise where participants fill in a data management plan for a mock research project in groups of 3-5.

While originally planned and held as an in-person training course, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the adaptation of this “Ready for BioData Management?” course to a distance learning paradigm. This adaptation raised the challenges of maintaining interaction with the participants and hosting a group exercise, which the team addressed through the use of the Zoom platform (namely the functionality of breakout rooms) and the use of Google Spreadsheets to support the collaborative filling of the data management plans.

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