, the Portuguese Infrastructure for Biological Data and the Portuguese Node of ELIXIR, co-coordinated by the IGC and the INESC-ID, is very pleased to announce the launch of its new Service Hub. The Hub intends to facilitate the users' experience identifying and requesting our services.

Three main categories of services are available on Service Hub:

Bioinformatics Services

We analyse your biological data, develop tools and pipelines for you to analyse it, and provide training in common bioinformatics data analyses.

Data Management Services

We handle the data management of your research project, provide a platform for you to do that management, and provide training in data management practices and planning.

Computing Services

We provide virtual machines in a cloud environment with the option of software installation and user support, so you can carry out your research.

If you need a tailored service that is not specified in the Service Hub, please contact us at We are looking forward to hear your comments and suggestions.

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