3D-Bioinfo-PT Community

Description and Goals:

This community aims to establish a calendar of teaching and networking activities to strengthen and grow the community’s reach.


As a member of this Community you will:

  • Integrate a network of experts dedicated to the integration of various tools related to structural biology to better understand the function of biological systems.
  • Contribute to the maintenance of the seminar, workshop, and community meeting calendars.
  • Gain privileged access to the BioData.pt community to access the community initiatives, and share new technologies. 
  • Promote intra-community collaboration in the form of joint publications.


How it works: 

  • Main communication channel of the members of this group: Mailing-list and Slack
  • Periodicity of meetings: Monthly
  • Monthly 3D-BioTalk seminars.


Facilitators: Irina Moreira (UCoimbra) and Manuel Melo (ITQB NOVA).


RDMkit page:



Other links: 




Contact: irina.moreira@cnc.uc.pt | m.n.melo@itqb.unl.pt