Compute Platform


Description and Goals:

The goal of the Compute Platform is to ensure the operation of ELIXIR-PT | services by providing and maintaining a distributed compute infrastructure and supporting the community in the creation of new services and tools to support all the stages of the data life cycle.


As a member of this Platform you will:

  • Integrate a network of experts in cloud, compute, storage and access services for the life-science research community.
  • Contribute to the regular dissemination of available infrastructures and software tools.
  • Gain privileged access to the platform to the state of the art in compute solutions in ELIXIR at European level.
  • Promote tools and services to foster FAIR data management.


How it works: 

  • Main communication channel of the members of this group: mailing list.
  • Periodicity of meetings: bi-monthly.



Jorge Oliveira (IGC) and Diogo Pratas (UAveiro).

Other links: 

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