Summer School Braga


We are pleased to announce the Summer School in Metabolic Modelling that will be held at University of Minho in Braga, Portugal from 3-7 of June 2019.
This 5-day duration summer school will focus on user-friendly tools for metabolic model reconstruction and simulation and experimental procedures to improve those models.
The course is directed to everyone who is interested in learning to use metabolic modelling in their research, using user-friendly tools. No programming skills are required.

Course attendants will be participating in activities covering the following topics:
      -  Basic concepts in metabolic modelling
      -  Genome annotation and metabolic model reconstruction with merlin.
      -  KBase: A collaborative, open environment for systems biology of plants, microbes and their communities.
      -  Optflux: an open-source software platform for in silico metabolic engineering.
      -  Experimental determination of biomass composition and its inclusion in genome-scale metabolic models.
      -  Experimental metabolomics analysis using GC-MS and its inclusion in genome-scale metabolic models.

Important dates:
Early Bird application deadline:  April 21, 2019
Regular Application deadline: May 5, 2019
Late Application deadline: May 19, 2019
Summer School: June 3-7, 2019


Organizing committee:

Oscar Dias 

Sophia Santos

Scientific coordination:
Isabel Rocha
Miguel Rocha


Sophia Santos / Oscar Dias

Universidade do Minho
Campus Gualter R. da Universidade
4710-057 Braga

Event Type
Workshops and courses

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