In the frame of the ELIXIR-CONVERGE Project and Staff Exchange Scheme, #BioDataPT organized a pilot of the #BioDataPT Workshop: “Assessing the Impact of Research Activities”, intended to be refined and replicated within the Portuguese Node of ELIXIR and shared with the research community.

We have guided 13 guests from National and International R&I organizations through talks about scientific and socio-economic impact assessment of research activities and a collaborative exercise to assess the impact of a fictitious project with the support of the Impact Assessment Matrix.

The participants became aware of the importance of assessing the impact of their activities in the planning and reporting stages. They acknowledged that it made them “think about different fields” and “recognize that key planning stages are often not prioritised” leading to problems with “implementation and earlier stages”.

We would like to thank all participants for their enthusiastic engagement and critical feedback, and in particular to Thanasis Vergoulis, from ELIXIR Greece, for his talk about the “Assessing the scientific impact of research”.

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