ELIXIR has recently published its Annual Report for 2019. The report focuses on the collective endeavour of more than 700 experts from 22 ELIXIR nodes towards the Strategic Objectives defined in the 2019–2023 Scientific Programme.

The successful conclusion of the ELIXIR-EXCELERATE project was one of the most highlighted achievements of the infrastructure during the last year next to the increasing number of initiatives to support collaboration and knowledge exchange with the objective of discussing the major challenges in data-driven life science research (e.g. ELIXIR Bioinformatics Industry Forum and ELIXIR Biohackathon). 

BioData.pt, as the Portuguese node of ELIXIR, has shown very interesting numbers and one of its capacity-building programmes, Ready for BioData Management, was highlighted in the nodes' updates.

Read the full report here.

Cover of the ELIXIR 2019 annual report