| ELIXIR PT would like to thank ELIXIR for a great 2020 ELIXIR All Hands Meeting. It was a pleasure and an honor to be able participate actively.

The third and last day was initiated with some short talks given by ELIXIR partners regarding different aspects of the infrastructure. During the "MIAPPE 1.1: Building upon an existing standard for better plant phenomics data FAIRness" presentation, our participation was mentioned through the cork oak example dataset.

These wonderful talks were followed by a series of very interesting workshops (Galaxy Community, European Rare Disease Infrastructure, ELIXIR Cloud & AAI, Metabolomics Community, ELIXIR FAIR Software and Best Practices, Data Management, ELIXIR Beacon project, ELIXIR Machine Learning Focus Group, Standardization Needs in Microbial Biotechnology and RDA ELIXIR Bridging Force WG). Noteworthy, | ELIXIR PT was specified as being part of the recently approved Microbial Biotechnology Community Implementation Study team.

Looking forward to the next ELIXIR All Hands Meeting being held in Prague in 2021!