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The ongoing endeavor of -omics data sharing is becoming paramount in specific niches of clinical care allowing for a thorough diagnosis and the development of tailored treatment strategies (e.g. rare diseases and some cancer types). However, such benefits will only be available to the general population if researchers and clinicians can access and make comparisons across data from millions of individuals and that requires a strong collaboration between research institutes and hospitals. 

That is where the local instance of the Federated European Genome-Phenome Archive (EGA) gets decisive. The local EGA will allow the discovery of biomedical datasets across Europe, overcoming ethical issues and the hurdles of national privacy laws and regulations, and their remote analysis, whilst retaining the data within the country of origin. Many ELIXIR Nodes have already set up a local instance of EGA, being ELIXIR Norway one of those examples. 

In that sense, we will have Kjell Petersen, ELIXIR Norway’s Technical Coordinator from the University of Bergen, to tell us how challenging it is to establish a National Health Data Ecosystem, with particular focus on the local instance of the Federated EGA. 


- What makes it challenging to establish a Federated EGA node? The experience of ELIXIR Norway - Register here:

- January 21st

- 2:30 pm WET

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