The Microbiome PT Summit Returns for a 2nd edition!

After the success of the 1st year, the Microbiome PT Summit returns for a second edition, but this time in a face-to-face fashion in Lisbon. Are you involved in Microbiome research? Then, you can't miss this summit.
2nd Microbiome PT Summit poster

Final of the Bioinformatics Portuguese League - March 2023 - BOD

The "Bioinformatics Portuguese League" (Liga Portuguesa de Bioinformática - LPB) is a national contest on the scope of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. The LPB has been created for higher education students with interest in those areas of knowledge and the national Bioinformatics community. It promotes and benefits the integration of future researchers and professionals on Bioinformatics and encourages active learning and improvement of skills in that field.