Databases & Ontologies
Yeastract Database of regulatory associations between transcription factors and genes in S. cerevisiae.
CorkOakDB National database for the Cork Oak EST sequencing project.
Plant Experimental
Assay Ontology
Ontology for describing biological plant-based experiments.
OptFlux Software for simulation and optimization of microbial systems for industrial biotechnology applications.
Merlin Software for constructing metabolic models at the genome scale.
sdLink Semantic web data management system for data processing, analysis, and visualization.
sRNA workflow Analysis workflow for plant small RNA sequencing data.
Cork oak acorn
transcript sequencing
EST sequences of cork oak acorn developmental stages.
Cork oak sRNA sequencing sRNA sequences of cork oak leaves and differentiating cork.
Maritime pine
embryogenesis microarrays
Microarray expression profiling of maritime pine from zygotic embryo developmental stages.
Maritime pine embryogenesis
transcript sequencing
EST sequences of several stages of maritime pine embryo development.
Maritime pine
sRNA sequencing
sRNA sequence of maritime pine from multiple tissues, developmental stages, and environmental conditions.